The problem with being a running bride

Ok, so there isn’t really a *legit* problem here. Being a running bride has been a blessing in disguise…no major “oh my gosh I need to lose weight” moments have plagued me as of yet. No, this is more like an nuisance.

And I only have two words: Tan. Lines.

Living in the Southeast means that temperatures rise fairly quickly once spring hits. This is lovely, except when you’re getting married in a strapless dress in July and you’re the kind of girl who just needs to think about tanning to get a tan (I know, I know…some people would love this “problem”).

I’ve been resorting to wearing t-shirts for most of my runs but it’s been getting a teensy bit too warm for that. Plus I’m not sure what is worse: t-shirt tan lines or tank top tan lines.

I’m not the type to lay out in the sun to “even” everything out but I also don’t think it’s appropriate to run around in tube tops. I’m not super well endowed but still…I like to keep it klassy.

I’ve thought about investing in some self-tanner to see what looks best with my skin tone but haven’t done so yet out of fear of ending up looking like a brunette carrot.

There are a few options: a) slather on sunscreen and hope that helps, b) don’t run, or c) bite the bullet and try some self-tanner now so that the stuff has a chance to wear off in the case of a mishap.

A) is something that I already always attempt to do. B) is just not an option, I would fear for the safety of those around me if I couldn’t run. And C)…I think C may be the winner. I know that even with sunscreen I will get tan. And getting tan around a tank top means that I will have tan lines. Any tips for self tanners that doesn’t make you look ridic and orange?

Also, I’m not sure if it would have been possible for me to say the word tan more times in this post. This may be a world record. Holy guacamole, ya’ll.

Today’s run: 2 slow miles. My legs have been rebelling and my hamstrings have been inappropriately tight so I took it easy.

What were your wedding dilemmas? 

How do you even out tan lines? 

What was your Sunday run?

And Happy Mother’s DAY!!!!


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