Favorite things

Y’all, today was LONG. Like, get to the hospital at 6 am and only have a 15 minute break the entire day kind of long. I got to see *a lot* of interesting (and heart-wrenching) cases so, after a day like that, there were only a few things that could be appropriate for the end of the day. And I’m not even going to pretend that comfort food and retail therapy don’t help: a shopping spree at Target, a good run, and an entire box of mac & cheese for dinner = perfect end to the Monday that wanted to try to kick me in shins.

Oh, and tea. Hot tea solves everything.

//Favorite snack// Ranch wheat thins.

//Favorite tea//Lemon zinger

//Favorite mac and cheese// Annie’s white cheddar (made with mix of almond + coconut milk…yumm-0)

//Favorite running shoes// Brooks PureFlow 2

//Favorite bad TV show// Real Housewives of Orange County

Speaking of favorite running shoes, my mileage has been *lower* than usual lately because I finally decided to trade in my pair of old clunky (but totally reliable) Sauconys for a pair of Brooks PureFlow 2s. I’ve been reading reviews on them for probably a good 2 months and finally decided to bite the bullet and buy them. But after running in a heavier neutral shoe for years and years and years, being in a more minimal shoe is definitely a little bit confusing for my body.

The overall result of my purchase? Pure love. They’re like running on clouds…nice and plush yet not so cushioned that I feel like I’m trying to run through ankle-deep sand. Plus they’re pink.

Today’s run was 21 minutes in the cool weather…it felt strangely like fall with all of the trees and the 70 degree weather. I wanted to keep running but my IT bands have felt a little twingy lately with the new shoe adjustments so I decided to take it easy and head home for some stretching and cheesy noodles.

Also, did you know that May is National Runner’s Month? 

I didn’t until I broke out my latest issue of Runner’s World and saw an ad for it…


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