Oh happy day

It’s Saturday!!!! That means sleeping in, wearing pajamas until 10 am, and drinking coffee while watching my favorite show ever: Sex & The City. Which basically means my morning is perfect. 


And to think I used to be ashamed that it was my favorite show because all of my friends were being nerdy and sophisticated. Now I’m just like I want to wear tutus outside and buy high heels and go out to fabulous places and have their social life. Med school kind of takes that away…

And now for a “run-cap” 

Thursday run: 4 miles outside. My legs felt a little like cinder blocks and I had to stop and stretch my poor IT bands once but my body is finally adjusting to my amazing Pure Flows. After years and years and years of running in in a heavy shoe, I just can’t believe how free it feels to be in a shoe. Now if only my body would cooperate. 

Friday: 4 miles outside. Muuuuuuch better than my run on Thursday but my legs were still kind of “yeah, about this running thing…we don’t like it”. I predict that is because I have been running up and down a few more hills than I’m used to since only a few weeks ago I was still the treadmill queen at awkward times of the night. 

Saturday: I have a 3-4 miler planned. Depending on how my legs react. And *after* I drink copious amounts of espresso. 



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