So much awesome & 5 things

So, today’s run was literally the best run I’ve had in probably 2 weeks.

4 miles!!!! Without IT band pain/feeling like my legs were about to just give up and make me sit down on the pavement. 

Y’all, my second mile was 8:33 and my overall pace was 8:50. This pace felt like flying compared to my slow, slogging, and quite frankly painful runs of earlier this week and last week. I didn’t have to stop and stretch my pitiful IT bands at all. In fact, my legs didn’t complain about anything except for the occasional “really, another hill?”. I call that a Saturday miracle.

I can’t even explain how amazing I felt to not feel miserable.

cat on bike

Which led me to some realizations:

1) Getting to wake up naturally without an alarm means I actually get to wake up feeling rested.

2) Not standing for 10-11 hours before running means my legs aren’t pre-worn out and my IT bands aren’t pre-tightened

3) Espresso with stevia + coconut/almond milk and a healthy dose of trail mix = morning happiness

4) Long hills are a lot more conquerable when you feel fresh and happy and rested

5) I love running again!

Tonight the boy and I are going out to celebrate our anniversary. That’ll make one year too many that he has put up with my craziness. I am so thankful for him.


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