Kind of Friday, y’all

Today is my Friday because I HAVE TOMORROW OFF! Ok, well I have to stop at the hospital first thing in the morning to check on some patients but then I am free from Friday starting at 7 am – Monday. Which is a very rare occurrence and I’m not sure how I got lucky enough to land a Friday AND Memorial Day off. I have never been this lucky before. And with no reason to pop into the hospital this weekend, I’m kind of at a loss of how I am going to spend all of my time.

I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

Also, yesterday, I had the best. run. ever.

I wasn’t planning on it being a fast run. And when I started running, I really didn’t want to run. My legs felt like lead and all I really wanted to do was sit on the couch and eat macaroni and cheese (which is what I did for dinner…’twas perfect). But what started out as a begrudgingly okay 4 mile run turned into a super fast “I must’ve eaten my Wheaties” run.

As in, all of my miles were sub-9:00 min.

Mile 1- 8:46

Mile 2- 8:11

Mile 3- 8:33

Mile 4- 8:04

I think the overall pace ended up being something like 8:24. I spent the cool-down walk back home amazed.

And then I had another awesome-sauce 4 mile run again today. I started out with the plan to run for 2 minutes because I got home later than usual and just wanted to eat dinner and shower (this seems to be a theme). But once I started running I realized that it was beautiful out and my legs were still feeling good after yesterday’s run so I decided to run 3. And then 3 turned into 4. I don’t remember my splits (and let’s me honest, I’m too lazy to walk the 100 ft over to my Garmin to check them out) but I finished with an overall 8:34 pace and I do know that all of my miles were sub-9:00 minutes again!

Improvement feels darn good.

I’m also starting a challenge. A 20 day plank challenge. Because my 2nd wedding dress fitting is t-minus 20 days away and I feel like I need to at least pretend to do some combo ab/arm work. I’m already up to about 1 minute of planking so today I am going to start with that.

DAY 1 – 1 MIN /// DAY 11 – 3 min ///
DAY 2 – 1.5 MIN /// DAY 12 – 3.5 MIN ///
DAY3 – 1.5 MIN /// DAY 13 – 3.5 ///
DAY 4 – 2 MIN/// DAY 14 – 3.5 MIN ///
DAY 5 – 2 MIN /// DAY 15 3.5 MIN ///
DAY 6 – 2 MIN /// DAY 16 – 4 MIN ///
DAY 7 – 2.5 MIN /// DAY 17 – 4 MIN ///
DAY 8 – 2.5 MIN /// DAY 18 – 4 MIN ///
DAY 9 – 2.5 MIN /// DAY 19 – 4.5 MIN ///
DAY 10 – 3 MIN /// DAY 20 – 5 MIN ///

Ok. Time to plank, shower, and then become a lazy lump on the couch.


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