5 things for a gloomy Sunday evening

So apparently blogging is not my forte. I can plan a wedding + deal with school but write a daily blog post? Apparently my brain just cannot handle that.

A lot has happened since my last post. Okay, at least it feels that way because I’ve caught the wedding & marriage bug and cannot focus on anything else. Patients? Sorry, I’m planning my wedding, I don’t have time for your ear infection (JK, except not 100%…focus has really been a challenge lately).

1. I’ve finally decided on my wedding theme. Thank goodness, because the countdown is dwindling. Again, with the focus though…Pinterest clouded my vision from my moment we got engaged because there was SO MUCH AWESOME EVERYWHERE. And then I discovered Southern Weddings Magazine and a light bulb came on. I live in the South, I love the South, we definitely need a have a Southern chic (a.k.a elegant + rustic) wedding. Done and done.

2. I’ve finally decided to change my name. My family had been pressuring me to make the decision TO change my name and I know my future in-laws were expecting it (although not getting involved in it at all, thank goodness they rock). I waffled back and forth between hyphenating, having two middle names, not changing my name, and just dropping my maiden name altogether. Well….I think I have *officially* settled on keep my middle name and change my last name. Phew.

3. I have been rocking the running. I’ve settled at 18-20 miles per week and hope to keep increasing mileage. Love it.

4. I had my first wedding dress fitting and am back in love with my dress. I suffered from some dress regret but putting on something other than the sample of my dress seemed to have fixed that issue.

5. I have been planking like a boss…my dress is a ball gown and I want my poor skinny arms to look a little less pitiful


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