Wedding brain

Some people get pregnant brain. I’m pretty sure wedding brain is a thing though, and I have it. I’m almost a doctor right? So I can say that? {Sure…}

I cannot concentrate at all during rotations. All I can think about is Pinterest and and how to best design my wedding. Do I want the chevron paper straws or the polka dot paper straws? Burlap table runners or no table runners? What should I make for my bridesmaids? Seriously y’all, the list goes on an on.

And then I try to distract myself with something else. Like cats. And babies (of which I see an abundance of at the hospital). And then my uterus is like “I’d like to have something cute now kthanxbye”.

So basically I go from being completely lost in wedding details to being 5 years ahead in my marriage and thinking about kids. Seriously? Brain, you just need to calm. down. now.

I ran 4 miles today in an attempt to get my mind to slow down a little. And that calm lasted through showering, some wine, and dinner. And then it was back to the pinning, the Southern Wedding mag browsing, and the fretting over the small things.

{Some super cute Southern details that I’ve decided must be present at my nuptials}

Paper straws

Burlap table runners

Lots of pictures and cute sayings

A groom’s cake (although I knew this all along and have had it ordered for a good 6 months…)

Red velvet

Mason jars for our sand unity ceremony

White linen for an aisle runner


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