I made an executive decision this morning at 5:45 am: sleep until 6, not wear my awesome new outfit because I wouldn’t have time to iron, and buy lunch (hospital cafeteria sushi may sound sketchy but our cafeteria had a huge healthy eating campaign and all of the food is surprisingly amazing).

And yet here I am, at 7:30 am, blogging from the hospital because I somehow managed to get here early and finish all of my first thing in the morning obligations early. Who am I?

I’m not a person who is ever late, but usually I’m the type of person who does thing just in time in terms of morning schedules. I have it down to a T so when it takes less time than usual, I am mega thrown off. Not helpful considering yesterday was Tuesday and I thought it was Thursday all day. So today is Wednesday which means it’s Friday, right?

Speaking of Friday, I definitely have a 4 day weekend this weekend. I’m not sure how this happened, but my monthly Friday off matched up with Memorial Day weekend so I will definitely be partying (a.k.a running and sleeping and eating to my heart’s content) all weekend.

And now onto running. Yesterday I did not feel like running. At all. I took Monday off because it was storming and because I had gotten 4 hours of sleep the night before. I didn’t get much more sleep Tuesday night but decided I needed to go out for at least a little jog. So I promised 20 minutes to myself and decided if I felt good after that I could keep going but if I felt bad I could head home. So I ditched my GPS watch and swapped it for my regular old digital watch and headed out the door. Well, I felt mediocre but I still ran 30 minutes, which I estimated to be only slightly over 3 miles because girl was slogging it. 

What is your best motivation tip?

I bargain with myself about the amount of time I need to run. And then I just put my running clothes on. Once their on I usually feel a little more motivated.

Do you have a daily morning schedule that you always follow?

I definitely do. I wake up, shower/wash up, make coffee and breakfast, lay out my outfit for the day, then eat breakfast in bed before dressing and sprinting out the door.

What are your run plans for the day? 

I have 4 miles planned for today.


Sunday night blahs

Sunday nights surprisingly aren’t my least favorite night of the week. In the Runs for Dessert household Sunday = the day of relaxation. And let’s just be real, I love relaxation.

But right now Sundays are less than thrilling for me.

The boy and I are living 2 hours apart for my current rotation, which means that I only get to see the fiance on Saturday and part of Sunday. I’m super busy during the week and I actually find myself enjoying “freedom” in the evenings after a long day (a.k.a being apart is less noticeable because I’m always tired/busy/getting ready for the next day). In my dreams, he doesn’t have any day to day obligations and can stay with me as long as he wants (and feed me chocolate and strawberries and string cheese). Unfortunately, that’s just not real life. Unfortunately.


(Seriously. Except not too seriously. I might get bored and spend my grocery and gas money on shoes.)

So what this means for me now is that Sundays end up being good practice in self-soothing. At the hospital, we always tell parents that their babies need to learn the art of self-soothing and once they do life will become a little bit less hectic. But we also tell parents self-soothing for infants means being comforted and held and loved by parents. So it’s a little different for adults but essentially boils down to the same thing. Self-soothing = helping yourself feel less like a train wreck.

In my case, it means comforting myself with awesome things.

What this translates to is good food, trashy TV, and comfy clothes. Tonight my line-up is “Married to Jonas”/”What Would Ryan Lochte Do?”/anything on Bravo, pesto pizza from Trader Joe’s, and my new favorite summer jammies. And some sleepy time tea in hopes that I can beat the inevitable Sunday night insomnia.

But enough whine whine whine (too bad it’s not wine wine wine…)

Onto running!!!

Today’s run: 2 super easy miles outside. It was approximately 1000% humidity but thankfully only about 70 degrees and cloudy. My legs still were not super happy after 3 4-milers in a row. It’s been a while since I’ve done that while running outside (I could probably run forever on a treadmill and not get sore unless I do intervals). I stopped to stretch once not out of necessity but just because I felt like taking a little break. 

I’ve been compression socking/rolling with The Stick/stretching religiously/super hydrating and my legs are still a little bit wonky feeling but are feeling a million times better than they have been lately.

What are your anti-injury tips? 

What’s your favorite way to spend a lazy day?