5 things for a gloomy Sunday evening

So apparently blogging is not my forte. I can plan a wedding + deal with school but write a daily blog post? Apparently my brain just cannot handle that.

A lot has happened since my last post. Okay, at least it feels that way because I’ve caught the wedding & marriage bug and cannot focus on anything else. Patients? Sorry, I’m planning my wedding, I don’t have time for your ear infection (JK, except not 100%…focus has really been a challenge lately).

1. I’ve finally decided on my wedding theme. Thank goodness, because the countdown is dwindling. Again, with the focus though…Pinterest clouded my vision from my moment we got engaged because there was SO MUCH AWESOME EVERYWHERE. And then I discovered Southern Weddings Magazine and a light bulb came on. I live in the South, I love the South, we definitely need a have a Southern chic (a.k.a elegant + rustic) wedding. Done and done.

2. I’ve finally decided to change my name. My family had been pressuring me to make the decision TO change my name and I know my future in-laws were expecting it (although not getting involved in it at all, thank goodness they rock). I waffled back and forth between hyphenating, having two middle names, not changing my name, and just dropping my maiden name altogether. Well….I think I have *officially* settled on keep my middle name and change my last name. Phew.

3. I have been rocking the running. I’ve settled at 18-20 miles per week and hope to keep increasing mileage. Love it.

4. I had my first wedding dress fitting and am back in love with my dress. I suffered from some dress regret but putting on something other than the sample of my dress seemed to have fixed that issue.

5. I have been planking like a boss…my dress is a ball gown and I want my poor skinny arms to look a little less pitiful


So much awesome & 5 things

So, today’s run was literally the best run I’ve had in probably 2 weeks.

4 miles!!!! Without IT band pain/feeling like my legs were about to just give up and make me sit down on the pavement. 

Y’all, my second mile was 8:33 and my overall pace was 8:50. This pace felt like flying compared to my slow, slogging, and quite frankly painful runs of earlier this week and last week. I didn’t have to stop and stretch my pitiful IT bands at all. In fact, my legs didn’t complain about anything except for the occasional “really, another hill?”. I call that a Saturday miracle.

I can’t even explain how amazing I felt to not feel miserable.

cat on bike

Which led me to some realizations:

1) Getting to wake up naturally without an alarm means I actually get to wake up feeling rested.

2) Not standing for 10-11 hours before running means my legs aren’t pre-worn out and my IT bands aren’t pre-tightened

3) Espresso with stevia + coconut/almond milk and a healthy dose of trail mix = morning happiness

4) Long hills are a lot more conquerable when you feel fresh and happy and rested

5) I love running again!

Tonight the boy and I are going out to celebrate our anniversary. That’ll make one year too many that he has put up with my craziness. I am so thankful for him.

Favorite things

Y’all, today was LONG. Like, get to the hospital at 6 am and only have a 15 minute break the entire day kind of long. I got to see *a lot* of interesting (and heart-wrenching) cases so, after a day like that, there were only a few things that could be appropriate for the end of the day. And I’m not even going to pretend that comfort food and retail therapy don’t help: a shopping spree at Target, a good run, and an entire box of mac & cheese for dinner = perfect end to the Monday that wanted to try to kick me in shins.

Oh, and tea. Hot tea solves everything.

//Favorite snack// Ranch wheat thins.

//Favorite tea//Lemon zinger

//Favorite mac and cheese// Annie’s white cheddar (made with mix of almond + coconut milk…yumm-0)

//Favorite running shoes// Brooks PureFlow 2

//Favorite bad TV show// Real Housewives of Orange County

Speaking of favorite running shoes, my mileage has been *lower* than usual lately because I finally decided to trade in my pair of old clunky (but totally reliable) Sauconys for a pair of Brooks PureFlow 2s. I’ve been reading reviews on them for probably a good 2 months and finally decided to bite the bullet and buy them. But after running in a heavier neutral shoe for years and years and years, being in a more minimal shoe is definitely a little bit confusing for my body.

The overall result of my purchase? Pure love. They’re like running on clouds…nice and plush yet not so cushioned that I feel like I’m trying to run through ankle-deep sand. Plus they’re pink.

Today’s run was 21 minutes in the cool weather…it felt strangely like fall with all of the trees and the 70 degree weather. I wanted to keep running but my IT bands have felt a little twingy lately with the new shoe adjustments so I decided to take it easy and head home for some stretching and cheesy noodles.

Also, did you know that May is National Runner’s Month? 

I didn’t until I broke out my latest issue of Runner’s World and saw an ad for it…